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Voor kinderen en volwassenen

Healing through creativity 

for children from

 1 to 12 years:

The aim of Butterfly Coaching is to allow children to experience emotional freedom!

Sometimes the parent-child relationship is in a negative spiral as a result of external pressures (after a disaster or traumatic event) or as a result of adhesion problems caused by anxiety/fear of separation. Due to various causes there can be too little adhesion between mother & child. 

Due to various causes, e.g. abuse, or sexual or verbal intimidation a child can suffer from a a social-emotional imbalance

That is why we often use creativity in nature with lots of exercises, music & dance as well as other creative expression with paint, clay, paper and cardboard.

Very often premature demands are placed on a child to perform and this causes tension in parents and the child. During the coaching the child is allowed to be a CHILD all  the time. Parents are given the opportunity to see their child from a positive perspective and the love bond is strengthened! That is what it is all about! Recognition, acceptance and confidence are restored. 

A child needs a healthy parent-child relationship

A child needs a healthy parent-child relationship!

Every parent loves to see his/her child laughing, playing and going through life confidently.  Unfortunately reality is sometimes different. There are social-emotional problems: your child is frustrated, upset, is not happy and just doesn’t seem happy at home or at school. Maybe you  have no idea what is going on.............

Healing Art
When you feel that your family has been in a downward spiral or is heading that way, then perhaps Butterfly Coaching can give a helping hand. Mieke Beiler would like to help you discover who you really are! When you feel that your family has been in a downward spiral or is heading that way, then perhaps Butterfly Coaching can give a helping hand. Mieke Beiler would like to help you discover who you really are!

Developmental, behavioural, and learning disabilities, anxiety, restlessness, low self esteem, hypersensitivity/high sensitivity, grief, divorce, death, illness, anger, jealousy, giftedness, bullying or being bullied, feeling left out, fears, nightmares, sleeping problems….

These are all things that a child may struggle with (sub)consciously. During coaching the child learns to relax in a healthy way. The child comes into balance with him/herself and his/her Creator!

Mieke Beiler has been a  teacher in regular and special primary education (including deaf and hard of hearing children). 
On request there are leaflets available for the butterfly coaching for children as well as for adults! 

For children with a very early or very low interest in the learning process, we work with the following dolls: Speedy, the twins Max and Suzanne, Slow Simon. Using boxes with letters and a story game the child quickly notices the reading direction and how the sounds are combined to form a Word.

(for children from 3 years of age)

Work forms: Creative dance, drama,

sign language, role playing, Healing Art: Creative projects with different materials.

Both individual coaching and group coaching for mother & child are possible! 

Mieke Beiler has experience working with children who have a special gifting or a particular disorder:




-ADHD/ADD as a result of various causes the child may have difficulty in focusing its attention or have concentration problems
-DCD  the child is hampered by a light disturbeance in motoric functions; 
-PASS the child has trouble with social contact and social intuition.
-PDD-NOS collective name for related autism problems
-ODD-CD as a result of various causes a child can be rebellious and/or show antisocial behaviour.

For groups and individual coaching there are several possibilities in consultations.

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