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You're allowed to be who you are

to become who you are,

but can’t be that just yet

but you can become you

in your own time


* YOU *

You are "You"-"Nique"


Do you know that?

e-coaching traject

Christ centered creative recovery coaching: from brokenness to wholeness.

 * e-coaching traject of 20 steps "On the road to inner healing"

Are you hurting and broken hearted?

20 steps of guided life coaching will bring you hope, healing and restoration in your spirit, soul and body!!!


 e coachingtraject 20 steps (use for the contents Google translation):

Click on the MATERIALS in English:

* The downloads of the reading section towards inner healing.

* The workbook

* The creative tip

by taking every single step of the coaching traject!

* 20 introduction video’s with English subtitles

The 20 steps are translated bij Celia King.

This video is with English subtitles.

WHY me?

For years I suffered with inner stress while those around me saw only a peaceful woman. I was an extreme perfectionist who didn’t want to make any mistakes. That was the result of my feeling of inferiority, and because of it I built a wall around myself. I thought the wall would protect me. But now I know better! Inside that wall I suffered pain. And that only increased as I grew older. When I was 50, I felt I needed help, but the doctors who saw me only wanted to address the physical pain I felt. Fortunately I understood that pain in your body is a reflection of what you feel in your emotions. And it is more difficult to find out where that emotional pain comes from.

Those in the medical field often spend little time on that.

They only give you examinations and medications.

How thankful I am for everything I have discovered and learned through my own journey to inner healing.

I discovered that the emotional pain could have a deeper cause.

Why me?

In this introduction you have been able to read that anyone may experience a need for therapy.


Are you interested in becoming a  

a recovery coach Christ centered creative recovery coach: from brokenness to wholenessyourself?

Please go to contact!

Healing through creativity

for children from

1 to 12 years:

The aim of Butterfly Coaching is to allow children to experience emotional freedom!

Sometimes the parent-child relationship is in a negative spiral as a result of external pressures (after a disaster or traumatic event) or as a result of adhesion problems caused by anxiety/fear of separation. Due to various causes there can be too little adhesion between mother & child.

Due to various causes, e.g. abuse, or sexual or verbal intimidation a child can suffer from a a social-emotional imbalance

That is why we often use creativity in nature with lots of exercises, music & dance as well as other creative expression with paint, clay, paper and cardboard.

Very often premature demands are placed on a child to perform and this causes tension in parents and the child. During the coaching the child is allowed to be a CHILD all the time. Parents are given the opportunity to see their child from a positive perspective and the love bond is strengthened! That is what it is all about! Recognition, acceptance and confidence are restored.

A child needs a healthy parent-child relationship!

Every parent loves to see his/her child laughing, playing and going through life confidently. Unfortunately reality is sometimes different. There are social-emotional problems: your child is frustrated, upset, is not happy and just doesn’t seem happy at home or at school. Maybe you have no idea what is going on.............

Healing ART

When you feel that your family has been in a downward spiral or is heading that way, then perhaps Butterfly Coaching can give a helping hand. Mieke Beiler would like to help you discover who you really are! When you feel that your family has been in a downward spiral or is heading that way, then perhaps Butterfly Coaching can give a helping hand. Mieke Beiler would like to help you discover who you really are!

Developmental, behavioural, and learning disabilities, anxiety, restlessness, low self esteem, hypersensitivity/high sensitivity, grief, divorce, death, illness, anger, jealousy, giftedness, bullying or being bullied, feeling left out, fears, nightmares, sleeping problems….

You're allowed to be who you are

to become who you are,

but can’t be that just yet

but you can become you

in your own time


You are "You Nique"

Do you know that?

Partner of 

Butterfly coaching?

Are you interested in becoming a creative coach (with music, dance & art) 

and / or 

Are you interested in becoming an e coach by yourself?

Are you interested in doing Harty Party's in your area?

Please contact me!


With Harty’s Butterfly Circus

Mieke has all kinds of ideas that encourage children to show their feelings. She may also involve the parents / caregivers and her goal is that the child and mum / educator come together to discuss their inner feelings –

Age 4-9 years

Price €105 ---excl. 9% BTW and travel costs. Second workshop in the same location (for example, in the parallel group of the playgroup / elementary school / daycare center / children’s home) €55

Everything at a glance:

Every child has its own story and background. Working and playing around the picture book of Harty creates a space for every child who wants to share something about the feelings “inside,” which are often so difficult to name.

Every child wants to feel safe and be heard and recognized.

The Harty program offers a lot of safety and a listening ear.

Harty party is a program that helps guide children’s social-emotional development.

The HARTY Butterfly Circus is a program that we do afterwards if there is enough space! Harty’s Circus is an interactive program that every child can participate in!!!

In the two picture books about Harty, many feelings are discussed. When going through the second picture book, the questions can be asked:

Do you ever get a gift? Are you happy with it? What do you give a child who is having a birthday? Are you ever allowed to go to a children’s party?

By asking such questions, you can identify a problem in the family or in the development of the child!

Want to increase parent involvement in the primary school?

Request a HARTY PARTY by inviting Mieke with her two new picture books full of feelings! CHILDREN and PARENTS / CAREGIVERS will experience the book presentation at the same time as primary teachers during the HARTY PARTY.

On request, Mieke can speak in the evening about one of her subjects (click here) on the parent evening in the primary school.

About the HARTY picture books:

The publisher gave the following review: “It is a well-known fact that you can feel different inside than you show on the outside. This is less clear for children. It can therefore be difficult to discuss this with your child. With this book you have developed a wonderful tool that can help children express themselves better! Well done.”

For part 2, the publisher gave this review: “Also in this sequel to The Adventures of Harty, you offer young readers an appealing and educational story. Once again, you make clear to children that each has its own character and gifts, which I find an important and valuable lesson. By asking questions in the text, you allow your young readers to consciously think about that lesson, and you build interactive elements in a playful way. As in the previous book, children can immediately put into practice what they have learned by showing their emotions on coloring pages, a perfect conclusion to the story. I expect that children will quickly learn the lesson you offer because the events in the story are similar to the world children experience. The striking pictures are high quality, and make a beautiful whole of this book that helps children recognize and deal with emotions.”


Mieke has had many experiences in her life about feelings that you can either show or keep to yourself. Because she and her husband traveled through many countries together for many years, they met different people who all had the same thing in common: You can hide your feelings or you can show them! Through Harty, Mieke wants to show that openness can lead to special friendships!

Read here an excerpt from the first picture book “My Very Best Friend,” by Mieke:

“I am a butterfly. Can you see that? I may look like a butterfly, but I’m different. Still, others think I’m nice and kind.”

ME and YOU Harty PARTY is specially designed to guide the good relationship between child and mother. The child is paramount…and…mom will learn to listen to her child even better!

Harty has developed a very special “tool” to lead child and mom to a heart-to-heart relationship when it comes to inner feelings…

DO YOU WANT A HARTY PARTY IN YOUR HOME? Request more information here

On request there are leaflets available for the butterfly coaching for children as well as for adults!

Work forms: Creative dance, drama,

sign language, role playing, Healing Art: Creative projects with different materials.

Mieke Beiler has experience working with children who have a special gifting or a special "disorder":





-ADHD/ADD as a result of various causes the child may have difficulty in focusing its attention or have concentration problems

-DCD the child is hampered by a light disturbeance in motoric functions;

-PASS the child has trouble with social contact and social intuition.

-PDD-NOS collective name for related autism problems

-ODD-CD as a result of various causes a child can be rebellious and/or show antisocial behaviour.

For children with a very early or very low interest in the learning process, we work with the following dolls: Speedy, the twins Max and Suzanne, Slow Simon. Using boxes with letters and a story game the child quickly notices the reading direction and how the sounds are combined to form a word.

Both individual coaching and group coaching for mother & child are possible!

For groups and individual coaching there are several possibilities in consultations.

Vrije Vlinder

M.J. Beiler-Christiaanse

Chamber of Commerce under number 55743730

VAT NL001366666B67

Experience emotional freedom!

The aim of Butterfly Coaching is to allow children & adults to experience emotional freedom!

This is the introduction to my coaching path: “On the road to inner healing”

“On the road to inner healing”

Hi everyone.

This is the introduction to my coaching path: “On the road to inner healing”

This introduction is to let you have a foretaste of what to expect throughout the following 20 Steps

Let me tell you that it will be a captivating journey

At the end of the 20 Steps you will discover that: Wow, I have climbed a mountain top and gained oversight over my whole life and understand myself so much better because I have done those 20 steps

An unexpected surprise!

Here you can read something from my journal.

Recently I saw that the most beautiful flower fields exist on poor soil. It had long been fallow ground...

Sometimes things happen in your life that cause you to say: “These are circumstances beyond one's control.”

It means that something happens that you can’t do anything about. For example, you are confronted with illness in your family; your business fails; things don’t go as you had planned...

Your life-field is suddenly turned into: “fallow ground.”

Precisely in these situations, God can perform His miracles.

Jesus became poor and allowed Himself to be captured and executed in order to give us His Heavenly riches. Sometimes you have to be forcefully released from your own proficiencies and qualities. At those times you can look at the plan that God has devised for you. Then all kinds of new qualities can develop that are far above your own proficiencies. Often, you stayed beneath your level of achievement because your environment (maybe unintended) kept you down.

Seeds lie buried in your life-field that have not yet developed the power to germinate! Discover your talents! You can become who you were meant to be! Develop yourself and ask the Father what His plans are for you! Then an unprecedented splendour of flowers will appear on your life-field!

“Is this the end of my life?”

I know someone who always thinks that life has no more meaning.

“Why keep living if this is all there is…?” are the negative thoughts she constantly receives.

Then she suddenly gets a little text from someone that says:

Just when the caterpillar thought he had come to the end of his life, he became a butterfly!

What an unusual tale that butterfly has to tell!

First feeling nothing but hunger, and searching for food to quell that hunger.

Afterwards that rest,

And in the end a fantastic liberation!

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